Single Roll of Beeswax Wrap

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The largest and most versatile format yet! Now consumers can create their own sizes and easily reduce their plastic waste in the kitchen. Big or small — the roll covers it all.

Great for sandwiches, breads, fruit, cookies, and anything in between.

Includes: 1 XXL Roll (14" x 52")

Care: Wash in COOL water with a mild soap. Let air dry. With regular use, Bee's Wrap lasts one year or longer. Not recommended for raw meat. Washable. Reusable. Fully 

How to use: Warm hands softens the wrap & creates the seal. .

Longevity: Lasts up to 1 year and it reusable and washable with cold water.

End of life: Fully biodegradable once it reaches the end of its useful life in the kitchen.

Made with care in Vermont using our custom-designed machine, giving you the most consistent, industry-leading beeswax wrap.