Bamboo Soap Shelf

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Store your bar properly without plastic! Bamboo Soap Shelf is made of sustainable bamboo, 100% compostable material. 

This zero waste soap dish is a great for keeping your favorite soap or shampoo bar dry in your bathroom.

Our soap shelf is designed to keep your soap off the counters, showers, and tubs and allows your soap or shampoo bar to dry quickly and last longer. A soap shelf significantly extends the life of a shampoo or soap bar.

How to use: Store soaps on shelf to keep dry and wipe underneath shelf when you clean your counters.

Longevity: Bamboo is antibacterial by nature, clean, indestructible, and renewable material. Compare with regular wood, bamboo absorbs little moisture and does not shrink or swell. All you need, to clean your bamboo soap dish, is a bit of soapy water to keep it looking good for longer. Will last years. 

End of Life: Compost.

Packaging: Package free!