What is Zero Waste?

The zero waste movement is a lifestyle aimed to eliminate or minimize our trash output. The average American sends 4.4 lbs of trash to the landfill each day. By reducing, reusing, composting, and recycling we attempt to minimize that amount as much as possible. 

Plastic Bottles pollution

While this may seem like an unrealistic task, especially with the linear economy and a society overdependent on disposables, people all over the country are uniting and sharing how living a low impact life can be achieved.

By reevaluating the way we approach the concept of trash and understanding the resources from which products are derived, the zero-waste community is working to redefine the system.

It’s all about small life changes. By doing things like buying secondhand, using reusables, and composting food scraps, anyone can significantly reduce the amount of trash they produce on a regular basis and make an impact in protecting our environment.


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