About Us


The Founder

Hi there! I am Mikaela and I am an earth enthusiast. I began my zero-waste journey in late 2017 and before I knew it, this became my natural way of life. As I progressed, I realized this was more than just a journey – this was my passion.

I have always been an outdoor enthusiast with a love for hiking, wildlife, and our public lands and when I was realized how much destruction was being done to the environment around me, I knew I had to do something more than picking up trash off the ground.

I grew passionate about reducing single-use packaging and plastic and it became my desire to create positive change.

I needed to find a way to align my values with my life and share what I have learned with others, and this is where Simple Bare Necessities came to life.

My family are my ultimate supporters. My two adopted pups Nala & Sequoia always stand by me (literally) in all of m endeavors, as well as my fiancé Jake who has encouraged me from the start to follow my dreams.



The Story Behind the Company

Simple Bare Necessities is stemmed from just that – necessities that are low waste and plastic-free. The framework behind solving our pollution crisis is living a more sustainable lifestyle. We can do that by minimizing our own waste, and making small yet impactful changes. I am here to provide sustainable alternatives to single use essentials that are friendly for our environment and oceans. 

I want to encourage others to join the community and make sustainable swaps in your life. We are constantly polluting our planet and as well as our bodies. My mission is to provide you with natural, handmade products that are safe for you and our earth. By supporting me, you are supporting a woman-owned business which is one of my core values.

Mikaela and Jake at the farmers market for Simple Bare Necessities

I've done the research to help guide you into making educated choices for a more sustainable way of life, which is instrumental for protecting our wildlife, and the lands and oceans they roam.

My goal has always been to encourage positive change in the world. It might not happen overnight, but we can make a difference if we start now. 


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