What is Zero Waste?

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Sounds crazy, right? That is because no one is 100% zero waste. It is impossible, and quite unrealistic, to produce ZERO trash, but we can try our best. 

The zero waste movement is a lifestyle aimed to reduce our trash output by buying only what we need, buying those items in bulk and buying zero waste essentials. Zero waste means these items are without packaging, mainly plastic packaging. If there is packaging it is typically compostable or biodegradable, resulting in zero trash output. Recycling and composting go hand-in-hand with zero wasters as we try to send as little as possible to the landfill. The problem with the landfill is that items sit there for months and years without breaking down because the landfill is not aerated, and instead it releases carbon dioxide and other methane emissions into the atmosphere (queue climate change). 


Zero waste enthusiasts work towards living a more sustainable lifestyle through minimalism, clean living and spreading the word about low waste. Simple Bare Necessities takes all that and puts it into one. We want to share all we can to help others live a low waste, simple life which is why all of our products are hand picked zero-waste essentials handmade with all natural ingredients and love for our planet and everyone on it. 

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