Shower her in sustainability! Favorite Sustainable Mothers's Day Gifts For All!

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Mothers day! One of the most difficult gift-giving holidays if you ask me. Picking out a gift for the mom that deserves the world just never feels good enough. But we have some great ideas that come pretty close to perfect!



We have just what you need to give your mom the perfect at-home spa day!

Our artisanal soaps and natural body brush will make anyone feel like they are getting special treatment. Allow her to feel like the goddess she is with some Goddess Spells bath tea to achieve the max benefits of relaxing, filled with amazing aromas and bath salts to calm and nurture your body and mind. No bath? No problem, our Eucalyptus Steamers will transform your shower into a spa, I can make a promise on that. Add in some face mask powder, pick up some cucumbers at your local farmers market and you've wrapped up the perfect gift all in one. 



Sometimes we just know we aren't going to use that Groupon experience or try out that new restaurant. Sometimes, we just like to be practical and I think that's great! Let's give her something she will actually use. Here are my favorite recommendations for sustainable, yet practical gifts. #1. Lavender Earl Grey Lip Butter. This is an absolute customer favorite, and personal favorite! I can rave about this for so long honestly, it makes your lips so smooth and it lasts for hours!

#2. Coffee and Tea! What is more practical than coffee or tea? Fill up a jar and surprise her with some organic ground coffee or organic tea, a perfectly practical gift that you know she'll use and love! We also have tea infusers, perfect for brewing a loose leaf tea.



Quality time with someone during COVID cannot be overlooked. Cook with her! A few hours cooking together is an awesome way to spend some quality time together. You can even make a day of it. Stop by our zero waste store in Sparta, NJ and pick up some ingredients that you need. We have a ton of spices to create a unique meal. Show her the sustainable side of grocery shopping! Head to the local farmers market and grab some veggies. When you get home, play some music and just have fun with it! The quality time  is probably overdue, and what's better than delicious, homecooked food? She'll love the sentiment!

Here are some of my favorites: For dinner, try out this Plant-Based Pesto! It's very delicious, healthy and versatile and you can pair with one of our pastas. A MUST TRY is these Chocolate Covered Snicker Dates for dessert!

We've added a link for the ingredients in each recipe so you can you quickly add them to your cart with one click, and pick up in store same day.



If you've made your way down to this section then I am guessing it's time to pick up a duster and start taking over the chores. We have a great selection of sustainable cleaning tools that will make your Mother's Day gift really stand out. Our toilet cleaning brush is sleek and all natural, a much better choice to it's plastic counterpart. This will surely impress Mom especially when it's in your hands instead of hers! You can pair with our toilet cleaning cubes to tidy up the bathroom in a plastic-free fashion. You can also check out our reusable duster made out of recycled fleece. Picks up dust like a charm and will last you a lifetime! Your mom will not only appreciate the effort of cleaning, but she'll also love the new sustainable tools too!



Total. Pantry. Organization. I meant what I said in the title, go big or go home. I mean, how dreamy is this pantry? It's #goals for all of us, and it would make the perfect gift between sentimental, practical and showering her in sustainability. We have a sale on our jars this week, 20% off all jars. If you bring old containers to our Jar Redistribution Shelf you can take an additional 10% off new ones! Nothing will go to waste, and your mom will be shook over her pantry makeover.  


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