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Ever think about how dangerous your laundry detergent might be? If not, check out this blog and learn about the hazards lurking in our laundry routine.

Scary, right? Who knew there could be so many chemicals and toxins when it should be making our clothes clean?! Luckily, we have crafted environmentally-friendly and safe products to keep your clothes, and our ecosystem CLEAN. You can read about our eco-friendly laundry routine here

Once you have caught up on the sustainably swaps, you might wonder "well, does it actually work?" The answer is YES! And here is how we do it.


How does our Laundry Powder work?

Washing Soda – Sodium Carbonate is our main cleaning agent. It is an alkali, so it softens the water while cutting the grease and disinfecting. It also lifts the stains from the fabric by grabbing the metals and minerals in the water and keeps them from adhering to the clothing.  


Baking soda - Sodium bicarbonate helps regulate the pH level in your washing machine to get your clothes cleaner faster. It deodorizes your laundry by reducing bacteria, removing odors and softening fabric.


Epsom SaltMagnesium Sulfate is a wetting agent that lowers the surface tension allowing dirt to lift and helping to remove certain stains. It also prevents fading from your clothes while acting as a fabric softener.


Himalayan salt - removes odors, blood stains, grease, perspiration stains. It also keeps the colors bright and vivid.


Why we do not use soap in our laundry powder.

The reason we do not use soap on our laundry powder, like some homemade recipes suggest, is because the soap creates residue that gets left behind in the weaves of clothing fabric. Although bar soap can lift SOME dirt away- it’s not going to be nearly as effective because the fats build up in the fibers and it doesn’t rinse off of clothes. Additionally, modern washing machines simply cannot break down the grated soaps s in order to keep your clothes the cleanest and your washing machines safe, we leave out the soap. But don’t worry, this powder also leaves out the dirt. Your clothes will be clean as can be with this powder. You can add white vinegar as a boosting agent to your wash too!


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