31 Tips to Plastic-Free July

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Plastic Free July begins today, and it provides an opportunity for us to choose a future with cleaner communities and oceans through refusing single-use plastics.

Plastic-Free July was invented in 2011 as a motive to create awareness to the plastic pollution crisis that we are living in. This global movements helps others become a part of the solution to the plastic pollution. It’s similar to the zero-waste movement, but this campaign is only asking you to commit to a month of trying to avoid disposables, which is pretty reasonable!

And, since it’s only a month-long commitment, you can get your easily toes wet and see what plastic-free changes you’d want to implement long term. 

So, for the entire month, people all over the world take part in the Plastic Free Challenge. What is the challenge? Well, it’s up to you! You can go as hard or as easy as you like.

I’ve have created a list of 31 daily tips to help you make one plastic free change each day. Don’t feel overwhelmed! You can choose one or two to tackle for the whole month, because hey, one small change is better than none! For the entire month, we will be giving 10% off each day to the featured item of change! Shop online or in store for the discount to be automatically applied. 

Take a look at our list and try to implement some changes! You know, it only takes 28 days for a motion to become a habit, maybe you’ll be so used to plastic free that you won’t even remember the disposable way of life exists 😉.  


  1. Toothbrush and Toothpaste. This is a great change because with the toothbrush there is no compromise, and with the toothpaste, there are different options to suit everyone!
  2. Participate in a Trash clean up! Trash clean ups are a proactive way to get plastic out of the way. Join us July 4th for our Trail Clean Up to remove as much plastic and waste pollution as possible!
  3. Reusable Water Bottle. Bottled water is terrible for the planet, plus your basically just paying for plastic! Consider getting a filter and a reusable water bottle.
  4. Ditch exfoliating facewash. Those exfoliating beads? Yea, those are plastic. Microplastics, the number one ocean polluter. Exfoliate naturally with a face brush
  5. Switch from paper towels (wrapped in plastic) to Swedish dish clothes. 1 Swedish Dish Cloth will replace up to 17 rolls of paper towels. I mean, need I say more?
  6. Refill at a bulk store. Personally, my favorite way to ditch plastic. First, our shop is 100% Plastic Free. We’ve already helped save over 400 plastic containers from entering the waste stream just based on YOU guys refilling! Come check us out!
  7. Paper toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper is paper. BUT it’s typically wrapped in plastic. Check out our rolls made from recycled paper and wrapped in paper. No plastic here.
  8. Ditch plastic wrap. When people say they love plastic wrap *eye roll* It’s not even recyclable plastic. There are SO many alternatives. From silicone huggers to beeswax wraps and even a compostable version of plastic wrap. Let’s move on from it already.
  9. Plastic free period. Well, that sounds intimidating... It’s not, I promise! Tampons, sanitary pads, and panty liners are disposable products that cause huge amounts of waste. Reusable menstrual cups and pads make so much sense and save so much money!
  10. Plastic free deodorant. Opting for a plastic free deodorant has more than just the plastic-free benefit. These leave out all the nasty ingredients that aren’t great for your health.
  11. Bamboo Ear Swabs. Plastic earbud handles are a prime example unnecessary plastic. Bamboo ear swabs are an easy swap, and it doesn’t change the function at all, no compromise.
  12. BYO coffee cup. Whether you are supporting a local coffee shop or heading to the closest Starbucks, bring your cup with you! They will fill it up and there is no disposable waste to deal with.
  13. Plastic free pet. There are so many ways to make your pet care a little more plastic-free. Using biodegradable poop bags is great example, buying plastic-free pet toys and even shampoo bars for dogs!
  14. Plastic free sunscreen. We love to keep plastic off our beaches by offering bulk sunscreen. Fill it up in one of our glass or lightweight aluminum bottles and keep to refill!
  15. Reusable bag. This is eco-living 101. I am sure we all know to use reusable bags now, its just now let’s actually try to remember to bring them into the store. When I forget, I carry out my groceries in my arms which yes, looks a little crazy, but it leaves a bigger imprint for me to remember them next time.
  16. Freeze fruits for next season. Stocking up on in season fruits and vegetables is a great way to reduce your plastic intake. Head to the market, buy what you can plastic-free and then freeze it so you can enjoy when it is out of season instead of buying it in plastic that was shipped across the country.
  17. Kitchen cleaning tools. Cleaning our dishes with pieces of plastic, that break down into micro pieces of plastic and wash down our drains into the waterways. Yea, not ideal. Try using a compostable sponge or dish brush that won’t lead to plastic pollution.
  18. Refuse plastic cutlery. This is super relevant with all of the takeout happening lately due to the pandemic. Here is a tip, when you call for takeout, ask them ahead of time not to include and cutlery or napkins.
  19. Bring your own takeout container to dinner. One of my favorites, underrated moves. I bring my own container when I go out to eat. Typically, I leave it in my car, so I’ll always have one. Then when I don’t finish my dinner, I go grab my container and pack it up.
  20. Say no to straws. It’s only one straw – said 8 billion people. Individual impact matters, refuse the straw at the time of ordering your drink, that way they don’t automatically put one it.
  21. Choose glass over plastic. If you have the option to choose glass or plastic, choose glass. Mayo, Salad Dressing, Juices, etc. Glass is infinitely recyclable, so it is a much better option to choose for the waste stream.
  22. No more soft drinks. Invest in a Soda Stream and ditch the plastic bottles of soft drink or sparkling water. Like many of these changes, it will save you a ton of money!
  23. Plastic free razor. Another investment that saves a ton of money, and a TON of waste. You can recycle your old ones with use and pick up a 100% plastic-free safety razor.
  24. Loose leaf tea. Tea bags have traces of plastic in them, so when you are drinking with them, you are actually drinking plastic. Loose leaf tea is the better way to go.
  25. Plant a garden or shop at the farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets are typically filled with organic foods without any plastic packaging that you would find in the grocery store. Planting your order garden too is a great way to get those veggies and you’ll save money too!
  26. Shop for sustainable clothes or secondhand. Most of our clothes contain plastic in them. Sustainably grown materials like 100% cotton are a good choice when cloth shopping because it does not have plastic in it. Even when thrifting, try to opt for sustainable materials.
  27. Learn – call your recycling center. Learning is always the best way to get the most relevant information and spread awareness. Call your local recycling center and find out what plastic can be recycled, among other recyclables and start recycling properly!
  28. Cancel your junk mail. Who doesn’t hate junk mail? All of the waste it creates, and even all of the plastic from the envelopes! You can sign up online to have your junk mail cancelled.
  29. New cleaning products in glass. Cleaners are usually a two for one, they come in plastic and typically contain harmful chemicals. Shop for all-natural cleaners and get them in a refillable glass container. 2 for 1 😊
  30. Recycle with our TerraCycle Boxes. We offer a recycling program for many difficult to recycle items with our TerraCycle Boxes. Learn more about it here and drop off any items to ensure they are repurposed and not landfilled!
  31. Be happy you’re helping the environment. BE PROUD. BE HAPPY. You are making changes for the planet; you should be proud of yourself because you ARE making a difference.


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