Switch your TOXIC Laundry Routine!

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Have you ever read the back of your laundry detergent or stain removers and tried to decipher what those ingredients are? I'm sure you'll see all sorts of chemicals that sounds pretty scary.. Well, that's because they are. 

Many harmful chemicals in common household laundry products lead to negative health effects and are also negatively affecting our environments. 1,4-Dioxane, found is most well-known laundry detergents, has been declared a human carcinogen by the EPA. Most of these chemicals act as xenoestrogens (synthetic estrogens) are endocrine disrupters which cause negative effects on our bodies. Phosphates found in laundry detergents have a huge impact on our planet by triggering widespread growth of algae that reduces biodiversity. Researchers have also found hazardous air pollutants emitted from dryer vents. Between our detergents and dyer sheets, these products are polluting the waterways, the atmosphere and even worse, our bodies. 

Some ways to practice a more safe and environmentally friendly laundry routine is by using non-toxic laundry detergents. With only 4-5 simple ingredients, this all-natural laundry powder is easy to make at home too. The simple ingredients means it is safe to use for our health, and safer for our environment. Laundry powder has a significantly lower carbon footprint than liquid laundry detergents, and uses significantly less water in production meaning it's much better for our planet. Luckily, hazardous chemicals aren't the only thing that gets stains out of our clothing, our all-natural stain remover stick gets our tough stains it's almost hard to believe it's all-natural!

Hang drying your clothes whenever possible is the best way to save the most energy in the laundry process. Hang drying clothes is not always feasible, so another way to be more environmentally conscious is by using wool dryer balls to cut drying time. Using dryer balls saves about 25% of energy while using your dryer. Concerned that your clothes won't smell as good without dryer sheets? Think again. Our all-natural laundry spray does just the job, you'll realize you don't need chemicals to leave your clothes smelling wonderfully fresh while bettering our environment. 

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